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The company was founded in the Ming Dynasty (1573-1620), the formation of the characteristics of the gypsum based external Dan founder Zhu Yangxin and their descendants in the long-term medical practice, and create a shock south of the Zhu Yangxin chamber, the well-known products for the treatment of traumatic injury, superficial infection and prevention medicine cream eye eye as the main selection elaborate and geoherbs.

The secret of the manuscripts Zhuyangxin preserved, the former shop factory house is still in Hangzhou city now focuses on the retention and maintenance of the historic district, Lane No. 13 site. Zhu Yangxin has been a witness to the history of traditional Chinese medicine, and has added a light to the traditional culture of the motherland.

After the founding of the PRC, this type of pharmacy after arduous and tortuous, gradually built with modern group standardized management of pharmaceutical enterprises: in 1956, when the descendants of the public-private Zhuyangxin private-equity funds have been in 1966, was renamed There is not much left.; light chamber; July 1982 formally established Zhuyangxin plaster factory; renamed in June 1988 October 1999 to join Zhuyangxin pharmaceutical factory; Hangzhou Huadong Medicine Group Co. Ltd; March 2001, the restructuring of the limited liability company, renamed the Hangzhou zuyaxi Medicine Co. ltd..

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