Black plaster

  • Dog skin plaster

    Dog skin plaster


    Dog skin plaster is a plaster of Zhuyangxin. It has good curative effect on low back and leg pain, bruises, flashing lumbar spasticity, abdominal cramps, and abdominal pain.

  • Refreshing plaster

    Refreshing plaster


    Refreshing plaster is a traditional brand name of Zhuyangxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It is packed by a large package of 250g/bag and can be used as a plaster matrix.

  • Wan Ling Wu Xiang Gao

    Wan Ling Wu Xiang Gao


    Promoting blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction, relieving swelling and pain.

  • Wu Xiang Shang Gao

    Wu Xiang Shang Gao


    Expelling wind and removing cold, eliminating stasis to subdue swelling.

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